"I absolutely LOVE this daycare. I have 3 sons, 1 in each class! They love going every morning and talk about their teachers and friends all weekend. The daycare is very clean in comparison to others I've seen and smelled in the past. Meals are provided which I love because Ms. Lareka takes the time to plan each menu each month. I have picky toddler eaters and I love that they get new foods introduced to them each day. I prefer they eat what's served instead of my mommy bias wanting to pack a repetitive catered lunch. They have a small shaded back yard for the children, which I prefer instead of those huge yards with too many things for kids to climb on and get injured. The boys enjoyed water play every Friday this summer! This really is not just AN ORDINARY DAYCARE. My boys feel safe and happy there."

~ Alicia

Aug. 2017

"Our son has been with LaReka since he was 9 weeks old. He's always happy to go to school. The teachers are friendly. LaReka goes above and beyond for all of her children."

~ Heather

May 2017

"LaReka is amazing and I recommend her to anyone!"

~ Bryan

June 2015

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

                            -Nelson Mandela

"My son went here for a few months and we hated to take him out. This is a wonderful facility and I hope we can bring him back for the next school year. I highly recommend this daycare to all my friends and family!"

~ Chelsea F.

Aug. 2017

"I have never been so happy and so relieved of the people taking care of my boys... from the first phone call to LaReka to sending my kids off on their first day with the new "school" my heart is so full! The compassion everyone shows the kids is beyond amazing! I highly recommend these ladies over anyone else!!"

~ Crystal

Nov. 2016

Newborn through Afterschool Age

"I can't say enough wonderful things about this place!! It really is a home away from home for our daughter and I feel so safe with her being here. I absolutely love LaReka and she only hires the best teachers to care for her kids. Highly recommend!!"

~ Whitney

Nov. 2016

" When searching for childcare you always hope to find someone to love your children like you do. You hope to find a second home one where they feel comfortable and safe. Not Your Ordinary DayCare checks all of those boxes."

~ Mary

April 2017

Not Your Ordinary Day Care

Our Experience...

"Our son loves it here! He comes home and sings the songs they learn in circle time! Everyone there truly cares about children. So glad we chose Ms. LaReka and her staff at NYODC."

~ Carla

Aug. 2017

"I felt like my daughter was part of a family at Not Your Ordinary Daycare."

~ Rachel

Aug. 2017

"It's never easy to leave your children with anyone. With LaReka, I never worry. She teaches my daughter and gives her the love and attention that I can't while I work. She's not just a child care provider, she and her family are our family. She goes above and beyond. We absolutely love her! I recommend her! You won't be disappointed! My daughter loves her dearly and talks about what they do EVERY day. And LaReka gives us a written report of moods, naps, activities, and learning. We've never been so at ease."

~ Brooke

Dec. 2014

"I brought my daughter here when she was 16 months old after trying an unregistered in home daycare that simply horrified me after a week. We are still here and she has just turned 2. My daughter has flourished under the care of LaReka and her staff and is soaking up everything they teach her! I'm amazed at what my daughter has accomplished in her short time here. No complaints yet!"

~ Stacia

Aug. 2017

"Wonderful first time daycare & very sad we had to leave! The staff is very loving & caring for each & every child that is here!! Mrs.Lareka only hires the best for her kids. Highly recommend to any new families looking for a great daycare."


June 2018

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